Back from the dead

Hello, everyone in blog land! You may have wondered what happened to me. I am wondering the same thing. Life has been more than a little crazy for the past few weeks. I have had to take a break from just about everything!!! Ever feel that way? I hope I am coming out of it.
One thing I have been doing for some kind of outlet is sewing halloween costumes. Any one who knows me knows that I DO NOT like to sew clothing of any kind. I will make things with no gathers, buttons and zippers on occassion. Don't get me wrong, I know how to do all of those things, but I really can't stand to do it. It just drives me nuts. But halloween is a different matter. Everyone in my little family is going to be a pirate and we are having our pictures taken at the Great Salt Lake. Now, if you have not been there, you may not know that it is incredibly beautiful.

Now, I know it isn't the caribbean, but it is a whole lot closer. AND... did you know that they filmed a portion of Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End at the salt flats? Hey. If it is good enough for Johnny (swoon, drool, sigh) it is good enough for us.

I actually grew up sewing clothing and it was a bit of a trick switching to a 1/4 " seam for quilting. It is even weirder to switch back! 1/2" is HUGE! I will post a picture of my pirate coat which is the only one that is finished so far. Just have to sew on 28 buttons.

In the quilting world...

I did actually finish a new pattern! The quilt is currently at the quilters and will be returned in 2 days. I am excited to see it and to post some pictures about it. It is a layer cake friendly version of my sassy squares pattern. I am hoping to get started on a halloween quilt for my family and we will see if I can make a pattern out of it, too.

Happy quilting (or costume making as the case may be)!!

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