A Stitch in Time

The countdown is down to 88 days.  My how time flies.  I can't believe it!  My calendar is full of deadlines and goals and I feel pushed to the max.  All of this is good, though, because I love being productive.


I started a quilt last April and never finished it because I wasn't sure about it.  I picked it up a few weeks ago and had some new ideas for it, so I started all over.  One of the great things about waiting is, that in the time I have not been working on it, a new line of fabric is out that is perfect!  My instructions were originally going to contain directions on how to make your own handwritten fabric.  Now Lakehouse Fabrics has a new line out called Teatime and it is PERFECT for this quilt--it even has handwritten fabric!!!  I love Lakehouse Fabrics, and they are always one of the first places I look for fabric since they stay around for a while.  Not to mention that Holly Holderman, designer for Lakehouse Fabrics, is incredibly talented. 

Here is the fabric....

Here is a sneak peek at the quilt...



That boot is going to have pearl buttons on it...how cute is that???  There is a lot of hand stitching on it, but trust me when I say that the quilt is SUPER easy to put together.  I put  it together in one night.  You just wait until you see it finished!

Happy Quilting,

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