"Splash" Hit

I had a great time hanging out with my friends and selling patterns at the bi-annual Main Street Market hosted by Quilts, etc. It was great to meet so many fun people and hand out lots of "Red Herrings" (swedish fish). Indeed, it was a "splash" hit. (The puns could go on all day.)
Here is Judi of Green FAIRY quilts (spelled it wrong in an earlier post). You want to talk about having a lot to do? This girl has an online store, does longarm quilting AND designs patterns. Not to mention 3 little ones to watch after.
Here are Karen and Monica of Nellie's Needle fame. Now let me tell you that these two ladies are completely out of control. They may tell you that it is ME that is out of control, but they are wrong. I keep telling them they need to start a blog, but they remain, as of yet, blogless. So if you want to leave a comment for them about how cute (and out of control) they are, leave it here and I will forward it to them.
Here is Ann of Pixie Girl Quilts (another one I am trying to convince to start a blog). The great thing about all of these ladies is the great sense of support and community they share. It is not always (or ever) easy to be a quilt designer and so much of it you have to figure out on your own. UNLESS you know great people that are willing to share their "insider secrets" with you. These ladies have all done that for me. I am so grateful to them.
This is Mary from Mary's Cottage Quilts with visitor Laurie Bird of Rose Cottage. Mary was right across from me and probably the one most exposed to my craziness.
This is the first day that I have had to relax a little since we got home almost two weeks ago. I use the term relax a little liberally, because it has really been spent setting up my second office (for technical equipment, shipping and receiving and accounts payable/receivable). Yes, it is true. It was time for expansion. I am so grateful for all of the work that I have! I LOVE doing this and I am having a great time, even though I am sleep deprived and overworked.
While I am talking about gratitude I want to introduce you to my BFF and Employee of the Month, Kayce
She is truly going to be angry when she sees that I used this picture, but it was better than the other one that I had. Kayce is so devoted. She would drop anything to help me and has saved me from difficult situations more than once. I am such a lucky girl to have a friend like this. Kayce is from the south and says all kinds of funny (to me) things. Like "fixin' to", "ya'll" and "da-gum". She always makes me laugh and never lets me cry alone. Kayce, if you're reading this (which isn't likely because she doesn't like computers), you're the best. Thanks for always being...you.

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Judi said...

Amanda- I love your post. I hope you don't mind if I call you "Fish Lady," it seems fitting. I had a blast at the market, I wish I would have gotten pictures of all the booths, but I was trying to avoid flying fish and my peanut allergy all day! Take care and let me know when you are down this way! We'll do lunch! Take care.