Three down, two to go!

Out of the roughly 25 guesses so far, 3 people were correct!  There are still 2 prizes to be won, so put your thinking caps on!  If you don’t know exactly what I am talking about, scroll down to Wednesday and Thursday’s post to get up to speed.

I have a few pictures to show you (not all of them because I can’t find the right cable!).  We went on a ride tonight to a beautiful (and quite small) canyon.  One of the clues for today is that I am in Utah.  I am from Utah and cannot recall ever seeing a “lava flow” here.  This canyon was amazing with red and white rock formations with black lava spread throughout.  It was truly amazing and magnificent.  The second picture is of a petrified sand dune.  Cool, eh?

st george 1_edited-1st george 3 st george 2_edited-1 st george 4 

My last clue is that last night I went to the Utah Shakespearean festival.  I spent some time in the car to get there (not telling how long but it was more than 30 minutes and less than 2 hours).  We saw Shakespeare’s play Comedy of Errors.  I love this festival and have been many, many, many times.  This is one of my favorite plays and one of my favorite productions (ever!!!) at the festival.  I wish we had more time because I would love to see As You Like It

Hopefully I will find my cable tomorrow!  I would love to show you some more pictures.  And thank you all for the advice!  I have been drinking lots of water and using sunscreen.  Thanks for reading!

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