Special Delivery

I almost titled this post “Speedy Delivery” but that doesn’t really fit since this has been a long process!  But they are here, at last, and they are beautiful!


I am so excited to have such a beautiful book with my name on it.  I am so grateful to Palmer Printing for all of their hard work.  They took my product and really elevated it!

qb cover0001

This is available for purchase on my blog for a few more days and then it will be for sale on….MY WEBSITE!  The big launch for my website will be on August 11th.  I will also be revealing my NEW BLOG!!!!!  Which also comes with a new blog address (don’t worry, I will tell you where to go).  I am so excited!  That will be the day of my 100th post.  SO you will want to come and see because I have lots of stuff to give away for the celebration.  So mark you calendars because you won’t want to miss it!


jlk said...

How exciting! It looks great!

Kathy said...

The cover is darling. Congrats!

Kami said...

It must be so exciting to get a published book in your hands. I am proud of all your hard work.

Colleen said...

Congratulations!!! So many good things happening for you!!

The Wallin's said...

That is AWESOME!!! congratulations!!! I cant wait to see whats new!