I'm Back!!

Whew! What a trip! We are back and we had a great time. There was a lot to see and a lot of people to talk to. I met some great people...

Ann Sutton of Bunny Hill was so amazingly nice and down to earth! She was so willing to take time away from her customers to talk to me and give me advice and pointers. She had a beautiful booth and fantastic quilts. Thanks, Ann, for your kindness! Be sure to check out her cute blog.
Robin Mynatt of Paris Bebe (one of my very favorite fabric designers) was also amazing to me. I was able to sit down in her booth and preview her new fabrics coming out. She was so generous with her time and her fabric! She gave me a whole stack to bring home and work on. Thanks for your encouragment, Robin!

Yes, I met Heather Bailey. Actually, if it weren't for Scott recognizing her first, I probably wouldn't have met her! She was walking in behind us and Scott pointed her out to me. We walked in together and talked for a few minutes. I am sure that she thought I was a total nerd (well, I kinda am). I am sure that she had 5,000 people saying the same thing to her..."you're amazing!". Well, her new fabric is! I got a chance to sit down with Westminster/Free Spirit Fabrics to see her new line. I just checked their website and they don't have her fabrics up yet. I will keep checking and let you know when they do. Of course, you may see them in the stores before I can show you here! I also got to see Robyn Pandolph's new line which I also LOVE, and Anna Maria Horner's new lines (the link is to her home dec collection-she also has a quilting collection that is fab!)

I had some friends there, too!
Mary of Mary's Cottage Quilts had a booth there and Ann Hansen from Pixie Girl Quilts was helping her in her booth (look at some of her patterns here) as was Karen Bennett from Nellie's Needle. I had a great time talking to them.

On the plane ride out there I sat by a couple of cute girls, one of which was Sarah Clark whose mom is Barbara Brunson of Vanilla House Designs. They had a super cute booth. It was fun to get to know her a little bit.
I tried to meet Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Fabrics, but I couldn't catch her. I did buy some charm packs of her new fabrics, though. Super cute boy stuff and CUPCAKES!

Check out Bananafana's cute booth....Her husband was super nice. And they gave us banana runts! Yum!

Lots of cute new fabric from Michael Miller....

I tried a few times to meet Sandi Henderson, but couldn't get her either. Here is part of her cute booth....

Hang on...I thought we were in Oregon....

All in all, a great trip. I was happy to get home to my little ones, though. I have a few new things in the works...I am super excited about my booth in HOUSTON! I already got my hotel reservations (which I barely got because everyone is sold out!) and I am working on airline tickets. Can you believe it??? It isn't until October! Lots to do before then....Better get started!

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Katie said...

sounds like a wonderful trip! So fun to see your pictures and visit all the great links:)