High gas prices cause people to stay home and quilt!

So I went to fill up my car today and gas by my house cost $3.87 a gallon!!! That's for the cheap stuff. So, I decided that it is cheaper to stay home and quilt. Do you know that I can get all of the fabric for the front and back of a quilt for the same price as filling up my gas tank? I can't believe how crazy it is. So join with me...and stay home and quilt! I have a few new patterns coming out soon. I have two 4th of July table toppers, Sweet angel boy and the flower pincushion. I am excited to see how people react to them. I have hired a professional photographer to take my cover pictures and I am so excited to see how they turn out. I am not a photographer and getting good pictures of my creations is my biggest frustration. I am also busy planning my booth for the International Quilt Market in Houston (October 25-27). I am SOOOO excited about this awesome opportunity. I am having a great time coming up with ideas for my booth and for new quilts to debut there. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Be safe and save money...stay home and quilt!

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Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

You have such cute ideas. I know your booth will be darling. I can't wait!