Can you picture it?

Today I met with my new photographer (am I cool, or what??) and I had a great time. I had him take some pictures of some of my new stuff. He had a HUGE studio with lots of really great equipment and props. His name is Blair Kunz and he was great to work with. So....here is the grand unveililng of a few new things....
Sweet Angel Boy quilt

Pincushion Flowers

"Womb Mates" wall hanging or pillow

"Twice the Blessings" wall hanging or pillow

These patterns will be available so soon! I am so excited. I am to the hard part now...putting them into the computer. It can be a frustrating process exagerrated by the fact that I can't always remember what I did (I need to take better notes). Then I have to go back and duplicate the process. You think that I would learn! I just get so into creating that it is hard for me to stop and make notes. I always save this step for very last. It is my final hurdle! Guess I better get started!


Katie said...

beautiful new designs! I love those pincushion flowers - I bet those will be very popular!

I'm glad to see you set up an Etsy store. Just wanted to let you know that your link to it isn't working though.

I'm going to do a blog article about Etsy sometime in the next week or two so I will include your link for sure. :)

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!! You are a busy girl!!! I can't wait to see more