It's shop hop here in Utah and I did some hopping today. I went to a couple of stores that I had never been to before. It is so interesting how different each store is and how some stores do well with certain fabrics while other stores do not. Even more interesting is that the stores are not more than 20 miles apart. I am so glad that we are all so very different and have different likes and dislikes. It certainly makes life much more interesting. I am very excited about some new things that I have in the works. I am working with Angie Watson at QI Inspirations on some reallly exciting projects. She is amazingly creative with her quilting. She is sending out her monthly newsletter featuring yours truly in July. If you would like to recieve this (and future) newsletters from Angie, e-mail me at thequiltedfish@gmail.com and I will pass it along to her or visit her website and drop her an e-mail. You can also leave it in a comment if you would like. It is really hot here. Makes me want an ice cream maker like Heather Bailey has. Too bad I am on a diet, though. I am not sure that I could make fat free ice cream in an ice cream maker. Maybe I should just buy ice cream fabric? Who knows. Happy Quilting and stay cool!

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Anne Sutton said...

Hi Amanda! I'm writing this as I munch away on those DELICIOUS carmel(My Very Favorite) candies you sent me from See's! How "sweet" of you to send those! Of course I can't eat just one and now I have to ride that bike a bit longer. I love your blog! Love it! See you in the fall!