Fabric...great for diets!

I haven't mentioned that I am on a diet. It isn't bad, actually, but still. You know how it goes, right? So my mouth really waters when I see fabric like Cupcakes by Timeless Treasures. I have GOT to make something out of this. I also found another cupcake fabric that I bought 3 yards of, but it is a little bit older. Here is a pic of my new/old yardage...

So cute...so yummy! NO idea what I am going to do with it, but I sure do love it. Perhaps I will make matching aprons for me and the twins. That would be super cute.

I have been preparing to spend a week with a bunch of teenage girls in the mountains at a girls camp. It is amazing how difficult we make these things. I have the longest list of things that I have to finish before we leave! The reason I mention this is that because of camp, I can't sew! I feel to guilty doing something I want to do when I have so much that I have to do. I am an all-work-before-play person. My husband is the EXACT opposite. One of the things that makes him great! How about you? Are you a work first or play first kind of person?

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Shaunab said...

I'm a play play play kind of person. Right now I am down with walking Pneumonia and banned from my late night sewing adventures. Hopefully it won't be for very long.

I LOVE girls camp and will be going in a few weeks, part of my stress is from the 14 quilts I have been making for camp... Have fun!!
With Youth Conference this coming weekend, it will be the 5th of July before I get my table runner in to be quilted.