Oh, scrap!

I love saving my scraps.  The more that I have, the more accomplished I feel.  Each scrap is a memory of the project that it came from and the person that I made it for.  I guess that I use a lot of pink (surprise, surprise!)  because my "pinks" bin was starting to overflow.  I decided to make this cute little scrappy quilt....


I am really loving how it turned out.  Those are loose prairie points on the border.  It is off to the quilter's tomorrow for the "frosting".  I can't wait to get it back.  That is by far my favorite part! 

P.S. pattern coming soon!  It will be called...??? Any ideas?


the Material Girls Quilts said...

Too cute, sheesh, are you on a creative roll or what! I am so impressed. I want it!

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Happy Scrappy! that's what I think when I see it. Not too many people helping with the name thing...maybe that's everyones hardest part.