There's something fishy going on....

Today was a fish filled day.  Two little twin Herring's (that is my last name, if you didn't know) celebrated their birthday at (of all places) the aquarium!  We had a super fun time playing with the fish.  I could spend all day in the jelly fish exhibit.  I have always had my kids parties at our house, so it felt strange to not have to do hardly any work.  I loved it!

Here are the cute girlies....


Speaking of fish...wanna see one of the things I am working on?  I am having such a fun time with this little guy!  He is still in the "flat" stage, but he will be super cute when he is stuffed.  DSC06033

I have a lot more goodies to share with you, but you might have to wait.  I have to decide what will come out now, and what will wait for market (??). 

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