Late Night Sew Fest

So last night me and two of the girls that are going to market with me stayed up late (TOO late) working on quiet books for the booth. I am so tired! You should see my studio! What a mess. I found out that my studio is not big enough for 3 people to work in comfortably. I also learned that I have high expectations for the amount of work I want to accomplish in my designated time frame. We leave so soon for market...
In the middle of all of this market business we are putting in our yard. My kids love to be out in the middle of it and there isn't a speck of grass in the yard so inevitably they come inside covered in dirt and mud. Fun for them, not fun for the maid (me). Well, as long as it doesn't get on the quilts, right? My husband has taken it on himself to "help" with the process. I think he may have a secret supressed desire to be a heavy machine operator? When they came to work the day after this picture was taken there was no gas in the tank. I don't think they were surprised.
We have 1/3 of an acre to landscape which is a lot for us city folk. I truly am amazed at the cost of things. When they told us the cost of the sprinkling system my husband asked if they were using gold plated pipes with diamond heads. Yes, it was A LOT. It feels like it is going to take forever to finish, too. The weather hasn't been very cooperative recently so they haven't been able to work on it much. Good thing I have other more pressing things to think about!

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Cheri Cerny said...

Yeah.... I had 1/10 of a yard and was SHOCKED at what it cost to do that much... not in the hundreds... in the thousands.... Hopefully, you will do so great at Market that the yard will be easy for you. Have fun!!!