Creative genius

My little boy is certain that he is an artist. To be honest, I think he is, too! He is actually quite good for 6 years old. He believes that he is the best artist in the house and even in the entire family. I must tell you that my mom has been painting and teaching painting for many years and I have had a lot of art training as well. I like his passion, though, and I am apt to encourage it. For his birthday grandma gave him an artists' table, a stack of instructional art books and some art supplies to replenish his already bulging stash. My favorite thing about his artistic inclination is all of the beautiful art work and sweet creative projects he makes especially for me. When we got to market I opened up the box of flyers and there was a card made by him. I almost cried...I just love him so much! So when I got home this was my homecoming present!

It is actually quite functional. And TOTALLY funny. I use it and laugh. But he loves that I use it and I would never do anything to cripple his artistic desires. Just like my mom never did with me. I will never forget making up clothes out of my moms scraps and having fashion shows. She always told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. And I believed her. Believe her. I hope that you have someone wonderful in your life who encourages you to do more, be more. Someone who believes that you can do anything you want.

I wanted to say a special thanks to Fab Shop Hop for spotlighting me on their blog! What a super sweet surprise!

Hugs and Fishes!!

Amanda Herring

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