Reset the timer

So my countdown is reset...141 days until we leave for Houston market. I am surprised to be going and excited to start all over again. I have learned a lot! There is a lot of new stuff in the works here at the "maison de poisson" or house of fish if you don't speak french. But before I move on to the things to come, let me show you what is new!
This is I Wub Ewe. Sweet little baby quilt with minky lambs. It is great for a boy or a girl!
Bewitching is a great way to use those giant buttons. I love to embellish. And, you don't have to wait for Halloween fabric to start this one, because I did it without using a single Halloween print.

This is Giddy Bloomers. I LOVE diamonds and it is a fun way to use your flower yo-yo's.

Here is Love Letters. I pieced this quilt in one night. Hard to believe? It is a stack and slash. SUPER easy. Of course the embroidery takes longer, though. Great quilt to add special pieces of jewelry to.

Year at a Glance was my surprise favorite. Everyone loved this quilt. AND!!! Jennifer of Monaluna who designed the fabric came to the booth TWICE because she was so excited. She was so humble and sweet. I will be using her fabrics in the future!

Here are two oldies but goodies. Flowers for my Friend and Whoopsy Daisy, both re-made in current fabrics.

And of course you are familiar with Piece and Quiet Children's Activity Book. It was so insanely popular that I sold out the beginning of the second day of market and I am just on my way to pick up a few hundred more from the printer! Wow! Everyone was excited to see something different and exciting. It was fun to have a crowd gathered around it ooo-ing and aaa-ing. Made me feel super good!

There will be a lot of stores offering Piece and Quiet as a block of the month. If you are a store offering this, e-mail me and I will post a link to your store. If you are interested in participating in a block of the month and aren't sure of a store that is offering it, e-mail me and I will get you in touch with one.

I have a lot more to share from market, it will have to be spaced out over a few days. I am all blogged out for now!


Jeff, Elizabeth, Caleb and Jake said...

I love these patterns. I just found the link from Material Girls Blog. What cute stuff! I'll have to look for some when I'm at Material Girls next time. I especially like Year at a Glance, Whoopsy Daisy and Giddy Bloomers. I have a question about yo-yos though. Can you wash a quilt that has yo yos in the washing machine?

I'm so excited to find these patterns!

Lori said...

I just found your blog too. Love your Year at a Glance quilt. Where can I buy the pattern?