I love technology…but not as much as you you see

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Finally my camera problems are solved (sigh of relief).  I don’t know why we didn’t think of getting a card reader sooner, but finally it dawned on us.  It allows me to bypass drivers and operating systems!  Yipee!  I can’t tell you how happy I am about it.  If it weren’t for my husband and his extensive technical skills I would be lost.  I am pretty savvy about these things, but it would be a lot harder not having someone with that kind of background to rely on.  He even got all of the spyware and bad stuff off of my laptop today.  What a great guy!  Lucky to have him!

I was talking to some dads in my neighborhood today for Father’s day activity I am planning.  I was asking them things about their childhood.  One of the questions was “What is something that your children have today that you didn’t have as a child”.   Think about that!!!  One thing for me (if I were a father answering that question) would be the internet. When I was a kid we had to go to the library if we wanted to do a report or look something up.  There wasn’t an easy way to get answers to questions (unless your parents knew the answer and even then….).  What about e-mail!  Can you even imagine life without e-mail?????  Not me.  And don’t even get me started on my iPhone.  I am so attached to that little piece of technology.  My husband asked if I was going to sew a pocket in my bra so I could keep it close to my heart.  Ha, ha, ha.  Not a bad idea though.  How about a quilted pocket protector.  Haven’t I talked about that before?  I cannot imagine trying to run your own business without access to all of these lifesaving technologies.  So if you have seen Napoleon Dynamite you are singing the song that this post is titled for “I love technology, but not as much as you you see”. 

What is something that your children have today that you didn’t have as a child??  I want to know what you think!


Annelies Dease said...

Always late...but hopefully still in time for the contest. Happy day and I really enjoy your blog. XXX Annie

Lisa said...

Cartoons all day- and all night- long! Remember when it was only on Saturday mornings or maybe an hour after school? (We didn't have a tv, but my grandma did and we could watch cartoons there.) My kids have a bunch of channels to pick from and we only have basic cable.

I just read that over and it makes me sound really old- you know, like I had to walk up the hill to school both ways and all that. LOL! I actually had it better than they do in this case- I learned to use my imagination. And there I go sounding all old again...