A day late

I have had some drama today….I can’t get my fantastically fabulous camera to download it’s pictures.  I am so sad!  This camera is wonderful except for the fact that it is a few years old and they don’t make drivers that are compatible with windows vista, which is what is on my new laptop.  So we have to download them on my hubby’s work laptop.  For some reason the camera and lappy (as we call them)  just won’t communicate right now.  So…I had to use my point and click camera to take more pictures of my sewing studio (which I had to clean again).

So finally, after much fuss, here are some pictures….

office6 copy office9

My words to live by (thanks, Reba Mcentire) and ribbon storage…

office8 office10

Fat quarter storage (I hate camera flashes) and my two bessys’,

office7 office1

Quilt magazine storage and fabric stash storage,

  office5  office2

office3       office4

The last one is how I store my scissors and sewing supplies.  I really love that!  It works so great.

You may have noticed that I have a lot of stuff from IKEA.  I love that place.  On the whole it is not my style, but I still manage to find LOTS of stuff to love there.    Anyway, that is it.  I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my studio.   You know I have two sewing machines, so if you want to come play I have room!


Michelle Wilkes said...

Fabulous! I think I will steal some ideas for my sewing room.

Judi said...

I am so totally jealous! It looks fabulous, wish me luck as I continue to sew at my kitchen table!

Alyson said...

This is so great. Thanks for sharing it. If I could have a studio with great storage this would be it! Enjoy!

SandyQuilts said...

About your camera. I never d/l using any program. I open My Computer, create a folder either on C or flash drive. Turn camera on after it's connected to the computer, find it under My Computer. Then I copy from the camera to the file folder I created. That's it. I upload them to my webshots, write my blog and do the link it.

Easy, quick and no program needed.