Two days left for the give away!!!

We are experiencing technical difficulties here…can’t get the camera and the computer to get along.  I had a similar problem all day with my kids.  So pictures will have to wait for tomorrow’s post.  In the mean time…

Remember the give away this week???  The leather buttons and the bewitching pattern???  If you haven’t seen/heard about it, scroll down to Monday’s post.  I didn’t tell you that those buttons…those darling, hand painted leather buttons……$50 worth of buttons!!!!!!!!!  That you could have for free!!!! So leave a comment and be entered to win.  I LOVE to give stuff away almost as much as I love reading your comments.  Each comment is a bright spot in my day.  Seriously and no joke. 

Come back tomorrow (which is only in 25 minutes so you may want to wait a little longer) when I will have hopefully overcome the camera issue and can post pictures of my clean sewing studio.  It isn’t clean anymore.  Just for the few minutes that I took the pictures.  Then I started to work again and it got messy.  Again.  Okay, time to sign off because I am getting a little goofy.  More goofy than usual.  Time to stop.

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Michelle Wilkes said...

I'm really hoping this is my lucky week, because if I start NOW I might have that quilt done by Halloween! And I LOVE those buttons!