Sew grateful!

I know, I know.  Enough already!  It is only Wednesday, though, so I have a few more days of “sew”. 

I met my deadlines.  “Sew grateful” for that!  Here is the Piece and Quiet Children’s Activity Book that I just finished….

quiet book

It is on it’s way to Happiness is Quilting in McKinney, TX.  Hello Texas!  Good luck ladies!

I am “sew grateful” to all of you for visiting my blog.  I am “sew grateful” for all of the fun shops that I get to work with and all of the nice people who make my patterns.  I am “sew grateful” to be doing something that I love so much. 

What are you “sew grateful” for???


Judi said...

I am sew grateful for bedtime. I wouldn't be able to get anything done if I didn't have bedtime for my kids. Thanks for your sweet comments Amanda, the quiet book looks amazing! Take care.

Jeff, Elizabeth, Caleb and Jake said...

Right now I am most grateful for my family. I have three cute kids. We just adopted the youngest on May 6.

Michelle Wilkes said...

I'm grateful for my husband who had to get up at 4 am this morning to drive back to work, but was willing to do all the driving and miss all the sleep just to see us for a little while in the middle of the week.
Would love to see the inside of the quiet book!

Laurie said...

I am so grateful for the good health of my children :)