So Photogenic?

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I have a hard time taking and looking at pictures of myself.  I know.  I am sure that I am not the only one.  I always joke that I look like I have 18 chins (which is why I am on a diet….again) and my eyes are squinty. Tonight I gave in to the “need” to have my picture taken.  While I was posing by a gate Mr. Fish reached in from behind to try to scare me.  It didn’t work, but it made for a funny picture!

scary picture

I think that it is pretty funny. Not sure what I was saying right then.  I may have to use this one instead of a more serious one.  It fits me more anyway.  I don’t take myself too seriously (which is not to say that I don’t take other things way too seriously).

Thanks to everyone that has shared their music/listening preferences.  It has been fun to read!

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Terri said...

Like you, I hate pictures of myself. But I think this photo is simply adorable - you look friendly and fun and delightful! :)

Jill Catherine said...

I think we all feel that way! My husband and I had our picture taken for a church directory just last night! The sales person must have thought we were crazy for how critical we were about the photos...we were so bewildered by the photographer's quirky style that we looked like deer caught in headlights and could barely manage to choose a picture for the directory!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Ya, I know the feeling. We haven't had a family picture taken in years. That is our only goal this year. I'm just trying to find a local photographer who is REALLY good at photoshop!!!
You look like you are loads of fun to be around!

Barb said...

There are probably 3 pictures out there of me for my whole life. You look great!!

bruinbr said...

I'm not big on pictures of myself either! Photoshop and B&W pics are life savers!!

Rosie said...

I just bought your Whoopsy Daisy pattern, and discovered your website. How much fun can this be? I can't wait to get the material to make this pattern.

Thanks for sharing your creativity.
Rosie at Joyful Stitches

lesthook said...

Love the picture! It's fun!

holmersu said...

That is a great picture- it shows personality! I hate candid pics where you are caught eating or slouching...ugh!