Room with a View

I am having a wonderful week! I am on vacation with my family in Oregon. The scenery is beautiful. I would love to post a picture but my internet connection is not good and I can't seem to get anything to upload. Hopefully soon I will be able to show you some of the sights. We did pass ONE quilt shop on the way here, and I am planning on going back to check it out. I am waiting until Saturday when the temperatures are supposed to be record lows. Great. Come to the beach and get snow! I have had enough snow! Can you believe that??? We went to a "sandy" beach today (where we are is a rocky coast line) and we had to bundle up in layers. It was such a great beach, though, with sea lions playing in the water all around us. We flew kites and dug in the sand. Ellis even tried playing in the water (REALLY cold water). I brought some quilting projects to work on but I haven't had time yet. I am sure that the next couple of cold days will give me a chance to work on those. Hope your weather is warmer than mine! Happy Quilting!